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Dynamic  structures for all architectural applications. Geometries and forms only limited by the designer’s imagination. A new concept for architectural expression. Triangulated framing creating shape, geometries and forms. Any configuration can be built, flat, curved, waves, spheres, domes, pyramids or free form structures.


–  Spherical node system consists of spheres and tubes

– Double layer grid system

– Three dimensional load bearing structures

– Large column free spaces and long cantilevers

– Integrated load sharing in the structure

– Greater flexibility in layout and positioning of columns

– Great stiffness

– Exceptional ability to resist unsymmetrical and heavy concentrated load


– Structural system with true free form capabilities

– Spherical node system consists of spheres and tubes

– Cylindrical node system for huge spans

– Complete flexibility of the component to achieve most three dimensional shapes

– Connections provide bending stiffness and axial load transfer

– Can accomodate point fix glass system and aluminum fittings

– Light weight construction and easy installation

– Manufactured and assembled in factory with tight tolerances


– Roofs – Facades – Canopies – Atriums – Dome

WE HAVE COMPLETED 30910 mtr² IN Qatar.  AND ON GOING 12000 mtr²